Our stores are the main link between the communities and the consumers. There, our customers receive information on the concepts of Fair Trade, on producer groups and on the items presented. There are almost 7.000 registered items from more than 450 different communities and groups, involving thousands of people throughout Brazil.




Solidary gifts from Projeto TERRA: Make the recipient happy, and the person who made it even happier...


We strongly believe that people receiving gifts from Projeto TERRA are doubly happy because they receive a gift that is not only good looking and useful, but carries with it a whole set of values, helping to build a Brazil with respect and solidarity, valuing citizenship, Brazilian culture and the preservation of natural resources.


Based on the briefing, we develop exclusive and personalized gifts made by Brazilian communities in accordance with the concepts of Fair Trade.

Please talk to Ricardo at 11 5044.1846 or at the e-mail: brindes@projetoterra.com.br